Clark Baim, Presentations and Speaking

Clark Baim is a speaker, author, trainer and psychodrama psychotherapist who specialises in the development of mindful practice in the workplace, attachment-based practice in social and health care, criminal justice rehabilitation programmes and applied theatre.

He is the Co-Director of the Birmingham Institute for Psychodrama, a psychotherapy training school, and is also Co-Director of Change Point Learning and Development, delivering accelerated training to a wide range of social care, mental health and criminal justice agencies internationally.

  • Quote 4

    “This was the best training I have EVER been on and a must for all people involved in mental health.”
    Clinical Psychologist, 2013 Participant

  • Quote 5

    “Clark’s training is empowering, respectful and enlightening. He brings enormous compassion and insight – a wonderful learning experience.”
    Senior Manager, Social Work, 2013

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    “(The…) best training I have had in years, very powerful and so worthwhile. I got so much out of it”
    2007 Course Participant

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    “Clark is an inspirational person to be around. He recognises differences and celebrates individuality.”
    2013 participant, Social Worker

  • Quote 1

    “I think of Clark as a Jedi Knight! After years of training, he continues to seek truth in himself and others”
    Pam Miranda, Berry Street Childhood Institute